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"Be like the flower that gives its fragrance to even the hand that crushes it.”
- Imam Ali (a)

The symbolism though… This is so powerful…


"Be like the flower that gives its fragrance to even the hand that crushes it.”

- Imam Ali (a)

The symbolism though… This is so powerful…

So I started watching Buffy last night for the first time

I’m now on season 2.


Oh god this just happened:

Snyder: “There’s just some things I can smell. It’s like a 6th sense.”

Giles: “Well, actually that would be one of the five”


I’m going to have no life in the upcoming week or so. Thank god for summer vacation.


  1. Because if we wrote the ways we’ve not yet said “I love you” and stacked them paper-thin on top of one another, they would topple over only as they were reaching Saturn.

    For instance:
    “I would watch you dance in rhythm with your heartbeat until it was too dark to see,
    and then I would read your movements like braille against my own body until the light fell on us again.”
    “Death, no, please. 67 years were not enough.”
    “Why won’t your softness leave my head?”
    “It hurts too much to look at you right now. But please stay until it doesn’t.”

  2. Because we don’t yet understand death; Don’t want to let its feelings of finality reign over us. Let me write you into story in such a way that the ink wraps its fingers around my memories and holds them there, safe from the land of forgotten faces and distant voices.

  3. To give a voice to things not spoken about enough, because they are stifled or drowned out by ignorance, apathy, dictators, cowards, the masses. Because we refuse to stop talking about sex trafficking or the fact that racism isn’t dead. People need to know that children still fight wars and religious persecution is not a thing of the past. That they didn’t ask for it, nor was it their fault. That there are papers reaching towards Saturn that were written with them in mind.

  4. To give the mind a chance to catch up to the heart. And vice versa.

  5. To do the things we do not do off paper, say the things that choke us every time we try to say them.

    For instance:
    “When I sit beside you my whole body feels electric. And I don’t know if this is an illusion that is the fault of the space we keep between us, or real fields of energy that could ignite a forest if they touched.”
    “It’s not okay. It’s not okay at all. You came so close to loving me that I ended up trusting you right before you disappeared. I say it’s okay. I say we can still be friends. It’s not okay. This is not a way to treat a beating heart.”
    To leave. Sometimes to stay.
    To take your face in my hands and kiss you.

  6. To understand.

  7. Because we’re still so far from Saturn.

-Why We Write | Kalyn RoseAnne

The 25th annual National Poetry Slam →

Literature that helps inform masses of people, that helps individuals understand feminist thinking and feminist politics, needs to be written in a wide range of styles and formats. We need work that is especially geared towards youth culture. No one produces this work in academic settings. Without abandoning women’s studies programs which are already at risk at colleges and universities as conservatives seek to undo the changes created by struggles for gender justice, we need feminist studies that is community-based.

[…] By failing to create a mass-based educational movement to teach everyone about feminism we allow mainstream patriarchal mass media to remain the primary place where folks learn about feminism, and most of what they learn is negative. Teaching feminist thought and theory to everyone means that we have to reach beyond the academic and even the written word. Masses of folks lack the skills to read most feminist books. Books on tape, songs, radio and television are all ways to share feminist knowledge. […] This is a step in the right direction.

If we do not work to create mass-based movement which offers feminist education to everyone, females and males, feminist theory and practice will always be undermined by the negative information produced in most mainstream media. The citizens of this nation cannot know the positive contributions feminist movement has made to all our lives if we do not highlight these gains. Constructive feminist contributions to the well-being of our communities and society are often appropriated by the dominant culture which then projects negative representations of feminism. Most people have no understanding of the myriad ways feminism has positively changed all our lives. Sharing feminist thought and practice sustains feminist movement. Feminist knowledge is for everybody.

— bell hooks, Feminism is for Everybody (via marinashutup)



News Anchor in my area loses it over a Fat Cat that likes to swim.

I have a thermodynamics test to study for and yet here I am reblogging videos of aquatic felines

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